Is there a way to set a .desktop application as "Trusted" in Lubuntu 19 through terminal?

I am building a custom iso and I do not have access to the desktop environment.

  • On lubuntu desktop your .desktop applications will have a "!" sign on them unless you right click and select "Trust this executable". This will also prompt you when you double click. I would like to trust the executable but through terminal. – Oak Feb 4 at 17:00
  • Ubuntu releases for server and desktop use a year.month format, only special purpose intended releases use a year format, and Lubuntu is intended for desktops so uses year.month format. There is no Lubuntu 19. – guiverc Feb 4 at 21:56
  • Please notice that 19.04 has passed end of life. You had better use a current version of Lubuntu, so that you get (at the very least) the security updates. There are two current versions, 18.04.x LTS and 19.10. – sudodus Feb 5 at 16:10
  • In which directory are you installing the desktop files (where are they intended to reside in the live system)? If on the desktop, there is that problem, if in /usr/share/applications it is not a problem. -- I don't know where (in which file it is stored) and how it could be written through terminal. Let us hope someone who knows LXQt can chip in and help you. Maybe you can ask at an LXQt forum. – sudodus Feb 5 at 17:41

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