Is there a way to hide desktop icons in Lubuntu 19.10 through terminal?
I am creating a custom ISO and I cannot use the GUI to do this.

  • You have provided no release details; as modern Lubuntu (LXQt) uses a different desktop to legacy Lubuntu (LXDE) so desktop is handled by different programs looking for configs in different locations (pcmanfm vs pcmanfm-qt) – guiverc Feb 3 at 21:26
  • I apologize. This is Lubuntu 19.10. – Oak Feb 3 at 21:26
  • In Lubuntu 19.10, I could only find a GUI to hide specific folders such as Home, Trash, etc. But there doesn't seem to be any way to totally prevent other files or folders created in ~/Desktop from appearing. – DK Bose Feb 4 at 11:54

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