Recently I installed the chess game software Knights for ubuntu. I'm trying to play online using a server (a feature according to the website: https://kde.org/applications/games/org.kde.knights) But I got the following issue:enter image description here

How can I able that menu?

Edit 1. I run the command: hostnamectl and got this:

Static hostname: marin-Aspire-E5-521
     Icon name: computer-laptop
       Chassis: laptop
    Machine ID: 403b41e1f87f499cb8b39aea045edc36
       Boot ID: 84fabc4a665c48c4bd4f6ae1b525e488 
    Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
        Kernel: Linux 4.15.0-74-generic
    Architecture: x86-64

The version of Knight is:

enter image description here

I installed it using the Ubuntu Software aplication. (I don't know how to use snap or deb packages)

Edit 2. Sorry for the snipped image. Here the complete window:enter image description here

Edit 3.

Those are my options for computer engine, there is not a chess server.

enter image description here

I cannot enable the chess server option.

Edit 4.

I already have the XBoard and UCI protocols installed.

enter image description here

Edit 5.

enter image description here

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    Please provide OS/release details. Also the version of knights installed (or how installed; eg. snap version? (snapcraft.io/knights) or deb package (packages.ubuntu.com/…)) – guiverc Jan 25 '20 at 0:24
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    You have snipped a little bit too much away from the left of your image :). First player should be you and second player should be 'Chess Server'. Can you access this option with player 2? – andrew.46 Jan 25 '20 at 1:27
  • @guiverc The information requested is now in the main post in Edit 1. – José Marín Jan 25 '20 at 6:17
  • @andrew.46 There is a new picture in Edit 2. – José Marín Jan 25 '20 at 6:18
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    @JoséMarín OIC: you have the snap version of knights which has broken chess online for me as well. Problem is found!! If you run the following 2 commands all should be resolved: First: sudo snap remove knights and then sudo apt-get install knights and then hopefully all will be well :) – andrew.46 Jan 26 '20 at 19:04

You have installed the 'snap' version of Knights which installs Knights 2.6.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. I can certainly confirm on my own system that there is an issue with this version where it does not allow online play with freechess.org.

The repository version is a little older at 2.5.0 but it works out of the box with online play. To return to this older version first remove the snap version:

sudo snap remove knights

and then install the older repository version:

sudo apt-get install knights

Now you can successfully play chess with other players on freechess.org! It might be material for another question as to why the newer version fails...

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