You can take a screenshot from a selected area in Kubuntu with Shift+PrtScr. The only problem is that this saves the image to ~/Pictures by default so you have to open ~/Pictures in your file manager and then copy/paste or drag and drop the image into the desired application.

In Ubuntu you have the ability to press Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr to copy to the clipboard. Is there a way to do this in Kubuntu 18.04? I checked the default available shortcuts in System Settings > Shortcuts but I did not find shortcuts similar to the ones Ubuntu has.

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Just create a shortcut for spectacle -gr.


Kubuntu uses Spectacle for screenshots. The problem is that when you run it through Shift+PrtScr it doesn't start in GUI mode. If you run spectacle -h you can see that it can be started in GUI mode with the -g option and in rectangular region capture mode with the -r option.

So just create a shortcut for spectacle -gr, then in GUI mode you have a button that copies the capture to the clipboard. This still adds an extra step, since you have to press the button (Ctrl+C works too!), but that isn't such a big overhead for such an easy solution.


  1. Launch Custom Shortcuts by one of these ways:
    • Press Alt+Space and search for "Custom Shortcuts".
    • Open the start menu (Super) and search for "Custom Shortcuts".
    • Open the start menu (Super) and launch Settings > System Settings then go to Workspace > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts.
  2. Select "Screenshots" then Click Edit > New > Global Shortcut > Command/URL.
  3. Name it and give it a comment. I just copied the default from "Take Rectangular Region Screenshot".
  4. Set the shortcut in the "Trigger" tab to Shift+PrtScr, Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr or whatever you want.
  5. In the "Action" tab paste the command: spectacle -gr Custom Shortcuts setting shortcut action to command
  6. Press "Apply" and you are ready to use your shortcut. When the GUI starts, just press the "Copy To Clipboard" button or just Ctrl+C. Spectacle captured area in rectangle mode

You can do the same for "Take Active Window Screenshot" just use the command spectacle -ga.

  • When the GUI starts, after you select the area, you first need to double click the area and then you will be able to copy. – liakoyras Oct 29 '20 at 9:58

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