# lxc exec mycontainer rm -r /home/myuser/mydir

gives me

Error: unknown shorthand flag: 'r' in -r
# lxc exec mycontainer "bash -c 'rm /home/myuser/mydir -r'"

just silently exits without removing the directory.

How can I delete a directory within the container?

  • Also lxc file does not have a delete command
    – exebook
    Jan 23, 2020 at 17:13

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If you're using Docker, you can:

docker container exec mycontainer -it bash


docker container exec mycontainer -it /bin/bash

Enter inside the container and remove the directory or, depending of how you've built it, you can run the command directly:

docker container exec mycontainer sh -c 'rm /path'

By the way, I guess nobody uses lxc directly, only through Docker, Rancher or other container orchestration software.

  • Well I can understand the reasoning, but we are using LXD directly (not LXC). Number of questions related to LXC/LXD definitely shows that "nobody" is slightly exaggerated. Docker: 640 questions, LXC: 380, LXD: 210.
    – exebook
    Jan 23, 2020 at 18:37

Just use --

lxc exec mycontainer -- rm -r /home/myuser/mydir

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