I'm currently trying to create a setup that forwards traffic through a Ubuntu server to a switch, which then multiple servers will be connected to (each assigned an individual IP(s)) The Ubuntu server has a PCI NIC and a on-board port.

The PCI NIC (enp0s25) is connected to the outside world, then it should pipe out of the on-board port (enp1s0) to the switch.

I was reading into network bridges but I can't seem to figure out how to bridge two interfaces together like that. The reason for this server is to act as a firewall above the switch (running stuff with XDP/eBPF for advanced filtering).

My current netplan config looks as the following:

    version: 2
        dhcp4: true
        dhcp4: true
        interfaces: [enp1s0]
        dhcp4: true
        optional: true

This obviously isn't working. I'm quite new to networking so interested in learning all of this.

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