Let's say I have this file structure:


Is there any way for me to rsync the directories and its contents while excluding the files outside the directories(1.jpg, 2.jpg and 3.jpg)? I have some sort of planned backup thing going on and wanna add a script, make it executable and automate it via crontab, thanks!

  • if that files are all .jpg files, just use > rsync -avz --exclude '*.jpg' source/ dest/ – Kresimir Pendic Jan 20 at 7:44
  • Yes, but the .jpg files inside the directories are also excluded, it only copies the directories, not the contents within the directories, that was what I tried earlier. – emmanuel Jan 20 at 7:46
  • did you tried rsync -avz --exclude '/*.jpg' source/ dest/ – Kresimir Pendic Jan 20 at 7:48
  • that worked! my parameters were "-avrP" and i saw somewhere that using the z flag takes up unnecessary CPU resources, thank you! – emmanuel Jan 22 at 7:06
  • at first i tried: rsync -avrP --exclude './*.jpg' ./* /destination/ then: rsync -avrP --exclude '.jpg' ./ /destination/ was the issue the recursion? – emmanuel Jan 22 at 7:15

To exclude only files in top root directory, you have to add starting slash /, like:

rsync -avz --exclude '/*.jpg' source/ dest/

that will exclude all image files only in root and not in any other child directories

enter image description here

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    thanks for the visual aid, your suggestion worked, i had the wrong parameters, so rsync treats the current directory you are in as the root directory in its parameters? – emmanuel Jan 22 at 7:07

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