Recently firmware including BIOS were updated on my laptop (Dell Precision 7530) and since then my Ubuntu does not boot on battery.

The problem happens when I enter Grub2 and are about to select boot option. Then after click on Ubuntu it gets stuck at Loading initial ramdisk.... It does not matter which kernel I select (5.3, 5.0, 4.15 etc) or whether I go simply after Ubuntu or Advanced Options. A behavior is the same for recovery mode.

It also does not want to hibernate (or sleep) - the mode that is activated if you click and hold for short while power button. I have a dual boot and Windows 10 loads fine on battery, there is only a problem with Ubuntu. There is no problem while laptop is on power. I can switch off plug and work on battery after system boot.

Any ideas on what the problem can be and how to solve it?


I got the below solution to my problem today:

Update : The solution is at the below link


Adding kernel parameters solves the issue. Posting solution:

in /etc/default/grub add dis_ucode_ldr in this way

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash dis_ucode_ldr"


sudo update-grub

Update2: The grub menu is not visible (purple screen) but waiting or pressing enter do the job to boot on ubuntu.

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