I've seen some of the basic documentation for editing the

refind.conf file, but I find some of the configurations daunting and not exactly explanatory to newer Linux users.

This isn't about functionality, the boot manager works just fine... ...It's more like my brain nitpicking and being obsessively orderly, but:

Since I've installed Linux along with Mac OS X, Linux has taken up the first position in the refind boot manager.

I'd much rather Mac OS take that position and Linux be somewhere further off to the right (Reading left to right and all).

Is there some kind of changes I can make to the refind.conf file that will make Mac OS X show up furthest to the left and Ubuntu/Linux show up further to the right when I turn on my laptop and the refind boot manager shows up?

I'd much rather see some exact inputs before I start free balling and just throwing things into the refind.conf file.

Basically, how can I change the boot order of Icons in the refind boot manager?

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