I need to update my Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, but while installing drivers using below command

$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-410

I am getting this message

Secure Boot not enabled on this system

I tried to enable the secure boot from BIOS but I am stuck with this error

enter image description here

Actually recently I have updated my BIOS as I was upgrading my CPU, I think after updating the BIOS some settings have been changed

I am not an advanced user, this is the first time I came across this issue and I don’t want to mess up with the BIOS settings, can anyone help me resolve this issue

Motherboard: Asrock B360M Pro 4

Note: I also have Windows 10 installed on other SSD and it works fine, I have installed all the drivers and benchmarked it without any problem


(Before you continue: make sure you have an external copy ("backup") of all precious things on your computer.)

There is probably no need to enable secure boot.

You can try removing the shim-signed package like this:

sudo apt-get remove shim-signed
sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-410

You will need to reboot before the driver is loaded in Ubuntu.

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  • Hello @Gogowitsch, Is this command safe to run – Atinesh Jan 18 at 10:35
  • @Atinesh From my experience it is safe to run, if secure boot is currently disabled in your BIOS. – Gogowitsch Jan 19 at 10:51

It turns out problem was something else, I left secure boot disabled. Actually after installing Nvidia driver I was also installing CUDA toolkit which has some built in old Nvidia drivers, so while installing CUDA Nvidia drivers was getting corrupted. Hence first I installed Nvidia driver then installed CUDA by not allowing it to install Nvidia drivers and the problem got resolved.

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