I have a 12 GB partition with Linux installed in it, but I started runnung out of space. I tried to use gparted on a CD, but for some reason, I could not add space to the extended partition.
This is what my partition table looks like:

/dev/sda3     : extended        12    GB    
/dev/sda5     : ext4            10    GB    
/dev/sda6     : linux-swap      2     GB           
unallocated   :                 69,77 GB

i want to add unallocated to /dev/sda5. I tried to resize both dev/sda3 and /dev/sda5, but no free space is shown in the window.

Thanks in advance.


Using Gparted from a Live CD:

  1. Select the swap partition

  2. In the Partition menu, click on "swapoff"

  3. Delete the swap partition

  4. Recreate swap at the end of Unallocated (faster than moving it)

    Optional: Turn swap back on

  5. Resize sda5 as desired

  • I didn't check if that was swap, obviously your idea is better than mine ;) – Bahaïka Apr 9 '12 at 16:59
  1. Extend the extended partition.
  2. Move the 2 GB partition at the end of the extended partition.
  3. Extend the 10 GB partition.

That will normally do the trick.

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