I have an HP laptop where i made a partition around 1 year ago, so that i could have both Windows and Ubuntu. Since i had troubles updating my Ubuntu version, I decided to reinstall it from scratch, in order to clean everything. So i mounted a new version of Ubuntu on a pendrive, then deleted the old version and installed the new one.

After installing, I rebooted my PC, just to find Unknown file system - Grub rescue and a black screen. I made some research, found my ext on (hd0, mdos6), but I can't set normal.mod, because it's not a know file, apparently.

Please, can someone help me here? I have a feeling I messed up my partition. Is there a way to, at least, get back to before I installed the new version of Ubuntu? Have I lost everything I have on Windows as well? Any kind of help is appreciated - thanks in advance

  • I don't want to get the old OS. I deleted the old Ubuntu to install a new one, but on the other side I want to make sure that my other Windows partition is fine – San9096 Jan 14 at 0:59
  • Welcome to AskUbuntu. You can boot Ubuntu Live from a pen drive then use an application "Disks" and see what's inside of the hard drive. – Sadaharu Wakisaka Jan 14 at 1:41

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