I'm using lubuntu disco with displaymanager sddm

cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager 

On my system are 2 users the main one and a test account. I'll try to hide the test user in sddm.

cat /etc/sddm.conf 
[Autologin] #original entry
Session=Lubuntu #also original entry

when i start sddm-greeter in testmode the user is still present.

sddm-greeter --test-mode
[13:54:22.459] (II) GREETER: High-DPI autoscaling not Enabled
[13:54:22.491] (II) GREETER: Reading from "/usr/share/xsessions/Lubuntu.desktop"
[13:54:22.491] (II) GREETER: Reading from "/usr/share/xsessions/lxqt.desktop"
[13:54:22.491] (II) GREETER: Reading from "/usr/share/xsessions/openbox.desktop"
[13:54:22.494] (II) GREETER: Loading theme configuration from "qrc:/theme/theme.conf"
[13:54:22.498] (EE) GREETER: Socket error:  "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name"
[13:54:22.522] (II) GREETER: Loading qrc:/theme/Main.qml...
[13:54:22.609] (II) GREETER: Adding view for "LVDS1" QRect(0,0 1600x900)

Other changes are (like own avatar for main user) are showning up.


I'm so a dud.

I wrote [users] but it has to be [Users] from manpage

[Users] section:

HideUsers= Comma-separated list of Users that shouldn't show up in the user list. Default value is empty.


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