Say I have a 1000 page PDF document. I'm viewing something on page 100 and need to check something on page 944. Now I'm on page 944 and want to jump back to my last viewed page 100. How would I do that? From most windows pdf programms I'm used to something like Control+(<- or ->). But that doesn't seem to work in Ubuntu PDF Viewer.

I also tried combinations of Control, Shift and Alt.

  • In the top bar of the viewer there is an icon with a spanner which takes you to View Options. In the list of options is Previous Page – Graham Jan 11 at 11:48
  • If you know the page you want to go to, press Ctrl+L, enter the page number and press enter. – DK Bose Jan 11 at 13:04

Alt+p (previous) and Alt+n (next) are the shortcuts you are looking for. You can see all available keyboard combinations under the menu (tree vertical dots).

  • Doesn't work for me. Maybe there is some config that automatically creates and deletes bookmarks? I was looking around for that but couldn't find it... Maybe there is a config file somewhere? – Paul Erlenmeyer Jan 11 at 12:06
  • Works for me on Ubuntu 19.10 (Evince 3.34.1) – vanadium Jan 12 at 13:13

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