I've installed Davinci Resolve 16 with the help of the Linux Installer. When I start the program nothing happens. So I decided to check the log output. Hence when i run


which starts resolve, I get this output:

ActCCMessage Already in Table: Code= c005, Mode= 13, Level=  1, CmdKey= -1, Option= 0
ActCCMessage Already in Table: Code= c006, Mode= 13, Level=  1, CmdKey= -1, Option= 0
ActCCMessage Already in Table: Code= c007, Mode= 13, Level=  1, CmdKey= -1, Option= 0
ActCCMessage Already in Table: Code= 2282, Mode=  0, Level=  0, CmdKey= 8, Option= 0
PnlMsgActionStringAdapter Already in Table: Code= 615e, Mode=  0, Level=  0, CmdKey= -1, Option= 0
16.1.2 (#026) Linux/Clang
Main thread starts: 15914C40
[0x7f9315914c40] | Undefined            | INFO  | 2020-01-09 22:15:54,182 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[0x7f9315914c40] | Undefined            | INFO  | 2020-01-09 22:15:54,182 | Loaded log config from /home/flolu/.local/share/DaVinciResolve/configs/log-conf.xml
[0x7f9315914c40] | Undefined            | INFO  | 2020-01-09 22:15:54,182 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Aborted (core dumped)

Maybe the issue occurs because I don't have a NVIDIA GPU (I have Intel Iris Plus Graphics). On my other machine with NVIDIA GPU it's working fine.

Maybe I need to install a driver for Intel Graphics?

My system:


  • I'm betting that the NVIDIA support and testing for DR + Linux is more robust and mature than for Intel. But I haven't tried your combination. – Stabledog Jan 9 at 21:45
  • Do you have any suggestion for what I could try to fix it? – Florian Jan 10 at 9:25
  • Get an NVIDIA GPU! – Stabledog Jan 10 at 20:23
  • 2
    Yeah I have a NVIDIA GPU in my workstation, where it works fine. But I also want to use Resolve on my notebook :) – Florian Jan 10 at 20:32
  • Resolve is sort of notorious for crashing a lot. I think their capacity and/or commitment to thorough testing is a real challenge... in fairness, it's being given away and the range of target platforms supported is huge. It's an enormous investment to be stable on all those targets. – Stabledog Jan 11 at 17:13

DaVinci Resolve requires an NVIDIA graphics card on Linux and the original NVIDIA drivers. Nouveau drivers aren't supported. It won't run on your hardware.

Resolve runs fine on Ubuntu, but you'll also need to install the dependencies yourself. Here is a good HowTo for doing so.

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  • I am seeing the exact same message, but I have the latest (440) NVIDIA driver working. The strange thing is, the program ran the last time I used it but now will no longer run! – Michael May 27 at 22:53
  • Did you get a Kernel update? Run nvidia-detector and dpkg-query -l nvidia*|grep ii. Do both show the same version (currently 440 for me)? Try to boot the previous kernel version. Currently 5.3.0-51 seems to work, but 5.3.0-53 doesn't. – Sebastian May 29 at 16:28
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    i think something got hosed up in CL... an update and a reboot fixed it. – Michael May 29 at 17:22

DaVinci Resolve requires CentOS or RHEL 7+. Ubuntu or other distributions are not supported.

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    Offically not. But @fluka wrote on an other computer it is running. – nobody Jan 17 at 12:05

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