Ubuntu 18.04, Virtual Server at Hosting. Attempting SSH Putty connection on Port 22 is causing a timeout. Port is closed. Over the Hosting Service admin panel I can put the Server into 'Repair' mode and can connect to SSH Port 22 via Putty fine.

The filesystem of the 'normal' server is in the /repair/ folder when connected in Repair mode.

Hosting Service provider tells me that I need to issue commands that open port 22 on the /repair/ instance. I am not sure how to do that.

All actions that I do effect the 'Repair' instance and not the 'Normal' Server for example

sudo ufw allow ssh 

works on the 'Repair' instance and port 22 is closed again when I reboot in 'Normal' mode from the management interface

How I can I open port 22 for SSH from the Repair instance ? Can it be done with editing text/config files ?

If so can someone provide detailed instructions please

The filesystem of the Repair instance:

root@h2861449:/# ls bin dev home lib64 media opt repair run srv tmp var boot etc lib lost+found mnt proc root
sbin sys usr

The filesystem of /repair/

root@h2861449:/repair# ls aquota.group bin dev home lib64
media opt proc run srv tmp var aquota.user boot etc lib lost+found mnt private-backup root sbin sys usr

thank you kindly

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You can disable ufw by editing /repair/etc/ufw/ufw.conf.

# /etc/ufw/ufw.conf

# Set to yes to start on boot. If setting this remotely, be sure to add a rule
# to allow your remote connection before starting ufw. Eg: 'ufw allow 22/tcp'

Once disabled you can login normally and add the rule and re-enable ufw.

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