I used to use Alt+number to switch between gnome-terminal tabs. In my recent 19.10 installation, this does not work. When I press Alt+1, instead of switching tab, the command line shows this:

(arg: 1) 

and if I press Alt+2, it becomes:

(arg: 12) 

I checked the options in gnome-terminal, it is set to use Alt+number to switch between tabs.

I would like to know which application is hijacking the hotkey, and how to fix it.

PS. I do NOT want to use Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn for this. Thanks.


It's a known bug, tracked upstream at https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/issues/2174. As stated there, disabling header bar or disabling mnemonics are possible workarounds.


Can probably be worked around by creating a new keymapping with an app like xkeysnail. I contributed code to it recently to enable Alt/Ctrl+Tab functionality.


Also I make use of it in my own project that remaps Alt+Tab to Ctrl+Tab... all while Ctrl is positioned in the Alt or Super key positions. If that isn't confusing then just sum it up to say it works like a Mac now. Also Super+Tab is remapped to Ctrl+Tab essentially, unless it is the terminal. Then, Ctrl really is control and no special remapping occurs on that particular key.


A short example of some remapping I do with it.

    # Cmd Tab - App Switching Default
    # App switching is mapped to use Ctrl+F13 in place of Tab
    # this avoids Alt+Tab from still activating App Switching
    # Ctrl+Tab is also used for In-App tab switching often times
    # RCtrl is also mapped in Cmd key position only
    K("RC-Tab"): K("RC-F13"),
    K("RC-Shift-Tab"): K("RC-Shift-F13"),
    K("RC-Grave"): K("RC-Shift-F13"),
    # In-App Tab switching
    # K("M-Tab"): K("C-Tab"),                   # Chromebook - In-App Tab switching
    # K("M-Shift-Tab"): K("C-Shift-Tab"),       # Chromebook - In-App Tab switching
    K("Super-Tab"): K("LC-Tab"),                # Default
    K("Super-Shift-Tab"): K("LC-Shift-Tab"),    # Default
    K("LC-Grave") : K("LC-Shift-Tab"),

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