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There are multiple access records like this even after I have run the commands

ufw deny from to any  # for ufw
ip route add unreachable 78.128.113    # for fail2ban

I also restarted the fail2ban service after adding the ip.

How to fix this issue? I run out of ideas.

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UFW rules are checked in sequence. The first rule that matches source and destination applies and remaining rules are ignored.

When you use a plain ufw deny command, the rule is added after the others (use ufw status to list the rules in order). If the source address matches an allow or limit line above your deny (and there is likely one), that allow/limit line applies and your rule is not checked.

To make sure your rule appears first, do:

ufw insert 1 deny from to any 

The previous answer address why the ufw command didn't have an effect. However it does not explain why the ip route command had no effect.

The reason it had no effect for you is that 78.128.113 is being interpreted as Thus you are blocking only a single IP address which is not the one you are receiving traffic from. If you wanted to block the entire /24 IP range, you could use:

ip route add unreachable

It's important to notice that the ip command will only block the return traffic not the incoming traffic. That means incoming traffic from that IP range may still consume some resources on your host by creating half-open TCP connections or sending packets to stateless services (usually UDP based).

For those reasons a firewall rule such as those created with ufw will likely work better for your particular use case than an ip route command.

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