I have recently installed a fresh 18.04-lts ubuntu on a laptop. However, it is not possible to do much with it.

The first task involves connecting the machine to wifi which has been failing spectacularly.

My netplan config is as follows:

   version: 2
   renderer: networkd
       dhcp4: no
       dhcp6: no
       addresses: []
       addresses: [,]
          password: "passpass"

The netplan generate and apply command pass without any errors but do not perform the desired setup.

Ubuntu has also been kind enough to not include basics utilities like wireless-tools in its iso files.

Is there any clear end-to-end guide available on how to get this working? I have noted that there open bugs and questions for this unresolved for the past two years.

Kindly avoid posting replies that involve downloading packages. These are meaningless to a machine prior to internet setup.

  • Is this a desktop or server installation? When using static IPs, you probably have to reboot. – heynnema Jan 4 at 23:32
  • Is there a reason you're using netplan directly for configuring networking on a desktop, rather than using NetworkManager, which is the default? – slangasek Jan 5 at 2:47

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