I have been trying to launch a game. I got this error in the terminal:

$ ./MoonTown.x86_64.x86 
./MoonTown.x86_64.x86: error while loading shared libraries: libXcursor.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I installed libxcursor-dev after that, and when that didn't help, tried installing libscb-cursor0 too, since it also showed up on an apt-cache search for libxcursor. And libxcursor1, though I think everything in it was covered by libxcursor-dev. But, the error when trying to launch this program remains the same.

So, what now?

My system is Ubuntu 18.04.

If you are motivated enough, you could download the package causing this issue here:


Perhaps that would allow someone to identify the problem.

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    The command ldd ./MoonTown.x86_64.x86 may provide some helpful information – steeldriver Jan 4 '20 at 0:04
  • @steeldriver All that returned was ldd: ./MoonTown.x86_64.: No such file or directory I have an older version of the game (we built it, you see) which runs from a similar export package – kim holder Jan 4 '20 at 0:37
  • Try the ldd with the full name, you left off the last part, the .x86. – ubfan1 Jan 4 '20 at 2:20
  • Oh - that was silly. Yeah, now it lists four more missing libraries in addition to the one in the error above. But I don't know how to use those names to identify what packages they are part of and go get them. – kim holder Jan 4 '20 at 3:45
  • I use apt-file search filename to find the package a file belongs to (install apt-file, then run apt-file update first). Are you sure you installed the libxcursor1 package because that should have the first missing library? – ubfan1 Jan 4 '20 at 4:04

This was due to the settings for exporting the game from Godot having the checkbox for 64 bit unchecked. So my system looked for all libraries in the i386 directory. Once I exported the game again with that checkbox ticked, it ran fine.

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