I have a working maas + juju install consisting of a working kubernetes stack. I added a different zone and space which holds 1 node and 1 rack-controller.

Maas itself works in the new zone, I've done so by adding all the needed port forwards s.t. the new zone can correctly forward everything to the existing, default zone. FTR, I can thus deploy a ubuntu 18 install successfully on the node in the new space.

However, deploying a machine from juju in this new zone never quite finishes as it is trying to download the agent binaries from a internal IP in the default zone.

What is the intended network topology/configuration for a 2-space MAAS cloud in combination with Juju, where the maas region controller and the juju api controller are behind a NAT in one of the two spaces. It seems by the above, that juju machines can only be successfully deployed if a machine can directly connect to the juju-api-controller, thus implying that they are in the same space. (as a space is defined as a group of subnets which are interconnected.)

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