I installed multiple snap apps in Kubuntu 19.10 which functioned normally for a couple of weeks until today. Now when I open snap apps from the dock, icons have a question mark and when opened, the error message is: Unknown application folder

When I search for the snap apps in the menu, none show. However, when I do snap list, all the snap applications are listed. In the terminal, kdenlive appears to be installed. When I search for the application, it doesn't appear, only the snap directory for the application appears.

How may I troubleshoot this?

Missing snap apps

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    Please click edit and tell us which version of Linux you are using (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, et al.) and the version number. Please do not click on Add Comment; instead, put that vital info in your question. – K7AAY Jan 2 at 23:55
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    There's a known bug described in askubuntu.com/questions/1006916/… with a fix. please try that and let us know if that helped. – K7AAY Jan 3 at 0:48

It turns out I had to restart my computer - three times that is. Snap apps are working properly now.

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