So I recently ditched Windows and switched to lubuntu and I have some major problems. My Logitech wireless mouse (the ones which come with a usb thingy) does not work at all and completed the installation using my ps/2 keyboard. The weird thing is that [lsusb] recognises the the mouse. And, before you ask, this is a fresh install. My next problem is my tp-link tl-wn725n WiFi receiver needs drivers to work. And the drivers need internet. I can't get internet without this, I have no other option. PLZ HELP SOON!😭

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    These are two separate issues: mouse and wifi. Please keep one. – Pilot6 Jan 2 at 17:54
  • I guess you cannot show us here the output of dmesg either... Is cable network interface an option? Try to work out with this from another machine. static.tp-link.com/2018/201805/20180508/…. Hope it helps. – João Silva Jan 2 at 18:07

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