Java is not working or showing up in Firefox 71, though I have Icedtea installed:

sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin
icedtea-plugin is already the newest version (1.6.2-3ubuntu1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

I know Firefox and all the other browsers made a point in recent versions to disable all plugins (or only that DRM plugin and Flash if absolutely necessary?) but I don't even see the plugin in addons/plugins page. Is there a way I can re enable it?

  • There used to be a way to add a flag on your about:config page to allow other plugins besides Adobe flash but it seems that adding this on the newest versions of firefox does nothing. However, using Waterfox, which is a fork of Firefox, allows the use of NPAPI plugins and it is currently maintained. There is also a ppa for waterfox but I don't use it. To update, I just click on "help" on the top window menu and then click "about waterfox" to check for updates just like you would for a manually downloaded version of firefox on Debian or Windows. – mchid Jan 14 at 23:30
  • Also, it should be noted that this is referring to waterfox "classic". I guess there is also a waterfox "current" available but I have never used it. – mchid Jan 14 at 23:36

According to here and here,

Beginning in Firefox version 52 released March 7, 2017, installed NPAPI plugins are no longer supported in Firefox, except for Adobe Flash.

However, you can install a fork of the older version of firefox that will still has support for NPAPI plugins.

One fork that is popular is Waterfox Classic which is widely used and still updated and supported (not Waterfox Current).

Download the latest version of "Waterfox Classic" (not the Waterfox Current version) and extract the file. Then, go into the "waterfox-classic" directory and double-click to run the file named "waterfox".

Alternatively, if you want to do everything in the terminal, you can run the following commands instead:

cd ~/Downloads
wget "$(curl -s https://www.waterfox.net/download/ | sed 's/https/\n\n&/g' | grep waterfox-classic | sed 's/bz2.*$/bz2/g')"
tar xvf waterfox*bz2

Then, to run waterfox, execute the following command:


To make it easy to run, you can set the command to a keyboard shortcut in your settings or you could try pinning it to your dock by right clicking on the icon after you get it running but sometimes that doesn't work.

The update feature of Waterfox Classic is broken and updates must be manually downloaded so I wrote the following script to automatically download and install the latest update. However, do not run the script in your Downloads directory or it will get confused.

mv $HOME/Downloads/waterfox-classic $HOME/Downloads/$(curl -s https://www.waterfox.net/download/ | sed 's/https/\n\n&/g' | grep waterfox-classic | sed 's/bz2.*$/bz2/g' | sed 's/^.*water/water/g;s/\.en.*$//g')
wget "$(curl -s https://www.waterfox.net/download/ | sed 's/https/\n\n&/g' | grep waterfox-classic | sed 's/bz2.*$/bz2/g')"
tar xvf waterfox-classic*2
mv waterfox-classic*2 $HOME/Downloads/
mv waterfox-classic $HOME/Downloads/

This will make a backup of the old version in your Downloads directory (named with the current version number).

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