I am a bit familiar with linux but I got stucking trying to mount a remote share via CIFS mount.

The remote server is a Zyxel NAS326 and its shares are working under Windows. Under Ubuntu the mount command

mount.cifs //MyNas/drive_p /media/janssen/drive_p -o username=xy,vers=1.0

fails with response

Unable to find suitable address


smbclient -L //MyNas

is working:


Using file manager (afp) works:

Connection working using file manager

But I want to use cifs mount and if it worked I want to put it into /etc/fstab. Alas it's not even working when trying to mount the share manually (as user root).

Output of dmesg after mount

I could not find any hint for return code -111 . Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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Solved (actually kind of workaround):
The actual reason for the connection error was the NAS' sleeping HDD (Zyxel NAS326).

Solution: Wake up the NAS via somehow accessing its HDD (e.g. use the web interface) or do not let it sleep. Then reboot Ubuntu and the mount works.

Note: Without the Ubuntu reboot the mount still does not work (same error code -111). @AtomiX84: Thanks for the hint, but I already looked up the mentioned thread before my post.

Thanks to all reading my question

  • what? I need to reboot? :( Apr 4, 2022 at 4:38

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