I have configured multiple Vlan under a single interface. For operations need we have to change two Vlan, so i have just changed the Vlan id and name only other all information like IP address, route all are unchanged. After applying the configuration now i am seeing four Vlan. Two old vlan and two new vlan.

N.B. I have just changed the Vlan ID 244,242 with 254,252

ifconfig output netplan config

  • All gentlemen out their any suggestion ?? Need your help urgently. – Masud Rana Dec 30 '19 at 6:36

When you remove an interface completely from your netplan config, netplan (or specifically, networkd) can no longer distinguish between a removed config and an interface that you have manually configured outside of netplan. You can remove the no-longer-used vlans manually at runtime from the command line after applying the netplan config, or you can reboot the system to get a clean network state.


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