I recently installed ubuntu 19.10 on my work station mainly to work on ML related projects. The graphic card is Evga RTX 2080. 16 GB Ram. I am using a AMS Processor. The following are all the parts I am have picked up.MyPCParts

My issue is the system is freezing suddenly. The mouser and keyboard do not respond. I left the system like that for a couple of hours hoping it comes out of freeze. But no luck.

The only solution I found so far is keep on restarting. And I have to restart my entire work.

I use chrome (jupyter notebook). When restart and restore the chrome it freezes again within minutes.

But if I start the chrome fresh, it might take a while to freeze.

I tried Mozilla Firefox as well. But ran into similar situation.

Is there a way to find the root cause?

Thanks and regards.


  • I tried the following comment and the screen. The system did not freeze so far but the screen is missing some pixels and they appear all over the place when I use the keyboard.

Changing the NVidia Settings in the Ubuntu Additional Drivers

The following is the image where the screen is with pixels. enter image description here

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