I am trying to set up my Ubuntu environment per the recommendations of The Odin Project's installation setup (https://www.theodinproject.com/lessons/prerequisites). I am trying to set up VirtualBox and Xubuntu to run from a USB Drive that way I can work on either my local computer or my work computer (and I want to install as little as possible on the work computer anyway.)

Currently, it looks like I have VirtualBox up and running through the setup drawn out at https://www.vbox.me/. I have created the virtual machine setup according to the instructions, and have the Xubuntu disc image file stored on the flash drive so that it's always with me. When I start up the virtual desktop however, I am given this error: Virtual machine startup error

I am using a Sandisk 128GB Solid State Flash Drive and am trying to follow all recommendations on the Odin Project's page.

  • Looking in the log, I have a "Warning! Failed to load bcrypt.dll" that seems to be the start of the troubles when on startup. Would this be a file I'm missing or didn't get setup? – EscapeToTheMountains Dec 27 '19 at 18:49

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