Ever since I upgraded to 18.04 I have had problems with the system not detecting my sound card after a reboot. "Dummy Output" is the Sound output and I have no sound.

I have tried many posted problem solutions but none have really worked..

After a reboot I now run the command:

pactl load-module module-detect

Then the Sound Settings show "Builtin Audio Analog Stereo" as the output and everything is fine... UNTIL I reboot again...

Is there anything I can do so that the sound card will be correctly detected after a reboot, without having to manually run the pactl command?

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You can add the command in your Startup Applications.

To do that, press Super to open the Activities Overview and search for Startup Applications (no need to type the whole name, the first few letters will be enough). Then click Add and enter a name for your startup command, the command and a comment (if you wish), as shown in the following screenshot.

Startup applications

The command should now run automatically after rebooting and your sound output should be the correct one.

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    Thanks! I'd thought of trying something like that. My concern would be that this seems like an ok workaround, but maybe there is something else that I don't have setup correctly that is causing the problem, and maybe that should be fixed?
    – MattB
    Commented Jan 1, 2020 at 19:40

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