I was wandering if that's even possible! The other day my hdd crashed and it got me into thinking what if I could install a full OS on a usb(not live os though) from my cd/dvd that I had. So i fired up my pc without a hdd and with a kali-i386 cd along with my 4gb usb drive. Sadly the installation halted at the installation step which I assume is because of the 4gb size(it's not enough ig). Apparently I dont have any plans on buying a new usb drive for now. So..is that possible!!! And have anyone actually tried it though!


1) You should really get a larger size USB drive for what you are trying to do. I recommend something above 32gb, as 16gb wouldn't be enough. 2) To answer your question, as far as i know, the installer should use the flash drive as long as the internal drive is disconnected from the computer.

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    yep!! thanks for the size reccommendations and I'm well aware of point no.2 thank you c:
    – losethos
    Dec 25 '19 at 20:08
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    Using the 'something else' option on the installer DVD, you can specify where to install, HD external or internal, USB or SD card if you want. You still need a drive that can hold it.
    – crip659
    Dec 25 '19 at 20:59

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