Merry Christmas friends!

Spent about 5 hours to find a solution to this issue, and i'm about to go nuts..

I followed this guide to created a split tunnel, and assigned the tun0 to a "vpn" user in Ubuntu. Which actually works, I logged into the user and did a curl ipinfo.io to test the vpn connection. So the split tunnel works just fine.

The qBittorrent is accessible when i use my regular user in the qBittorrent-nox.service file.

But not when I replace my regular username with "vpn". I suspect it's permission issues, but I did add the vpn user to sudo group, my regular user to the vpn group.

When I do a curl localhost:8080, I get this

I tried my very best to get this working, but I really don't know what to do now...

  • "When I do a curl localhost:8080, I get this" - Is this with qBittorrent running under the vpn user? That looks like it's working properly, unless it's not accepting the password or something (?) - is that the case, or do you just get an "unable to connect" in your browser? I don't know the answer to your question, but, once you do get it running, there is a magnet link at https://ipleak.net/which you can load into your torrent client to verify that VPN is working in the torrent client, in case you want to check. – JonasCz - Reinstate Monica Dec 24 '19 at 19:21
  • The browser tells me it's unreachable. Tried with chrome, firefox etc. When I change it back to my regular user, I have access to the web interface without issues. – Runar G Dec 24 '19 at 20:42

Yay, Got it working! Seems like the problem was within the iptables.sh file.

I changed the:

export LOCALIP=""


export LOCALIP=""

Which makes any devices within subnet, able to reach the Web UI.

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