I have just one user(For example User_One the name) and a root on my system and i want to create a second user (For example User_two the name) who I want him to have :

*His own desktop with his own apps that User_One can NOT see or use ,same goes the other way User_two can not use or see user_one apps or data generally (if possible)

*If possible make him invisible on the start up screen, what I mean is when you boot up ubuntu do not show User_two on the list of available users to log in, instead I manually have to type the name and password to log in as him

Any idea,video,piece of code or advice will be much appreciated !

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Use the steps to achieve this:

  1. Stop user_two from appearing in login screen: Create a file in /var/lib/AccountsService/users called user_two and add the following lines (sudo nano /var/lib/AccountsService/users/user_two):

  2. Prevent each from accessing each others home directory: Then modify the folder permissions on user_one so user_two can access the former's home directory and vice versa:

    sudo chmod 750 /home/user_one
    sudo chmod 750 /home/user_two

Note: This is a manual method for the home directory permissions configuration, you can modify the /etc/login.defs to always create this permission whenever a new user is created by the admin(s). In that file change the line:

UMASK     022


UMASK      027

From hence forth a new user's home directory will have the permission of 750 at creation.


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