I'm using Ubuntu 19.10, XFCE desktop environment. My computer has a dedicated NVIDIA graphic card inserted and a 23-inch AOC monitor that allows to set native resolution to 1920x1080.

While installing OS, I also create my own account. At the first time logged into, I create another (administrator) account for my wife who is sometimes going to use this computer.

Everything works fine, except of a strange problem: only in my own account I can get 1920x1080 display. Once I log out, the login screen will become 1024x768. When I log into my wife account, I get 1024x768 too, and there is no way to increase resolution, and no way to access NVIDIA X Server Settings app.

FYI, there are 3 different OSes in my computer. This problem does not happen with Fedora 31 and Windows 10.

What is the root cause? How to fix that?

In my own account: In my own account

In other account: In other account

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