I just install postgres 9.6 inside my /opt directory. I want to show the man page of the postgres. While I type man postgres, it says,

No manual entry for postgres.

I think this error may arises due to $PATH. I don't know how can I fix the path. Or, should I install postgres inside usr/local directory?

  • How did you install postgres into /opt? are the man pages actually included? if so, where are they exactly (/opt/man? /opt/share/man?). In any case, it would be MANPATH not PATH that would be relevant here. – steeldriver Dec 15 '19 at 18:43
  • I have downloaded the postgres from postgres installer 9.6.16. I just downloaded it by not changing the default location and values. Both /opt/man and opt/share/man pages are not available there. My man page is available at usr/share/man directory. What should I do? – gis Dec 15 '19 at 19:07

In general, it's better to install postgreSQL through the Ubuntu packages (with apt). Doing that, man postgres would work directly. When using custom installers, the fact than manpages are not being readily available is just one of many annoyances you'll see, due to lack of integration with the rest of your system.

But if you have good reasons to do it the hard way, adding non-default directories to the paths searched by man is possible and explained at : How to set MANPATH without overriding defaults?

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