I have Lubuntu 18.0.4 on a thin client, 1.4ghz, 4gb ram. I would like to use it to play streamed internet radio stations like BBC radio 3 and also to play audio from a usb stick. Two problems: I am new to Lubuntu and the PC is quite limited in resources. But is quite fast on boot, so good for me. Any ideas please Thanks diode84

  • This link will probably give you many choices. askubuntu.com/questions/99237/lightweight-music-player – crip659 Dec 14 '19 at 16:35
  • I use Lubuntu 18.04 on a thinkpad t43 (1.5gb ram, single core pentium M) and use regular tools. For local [LAN or NFS shared] content it's usually cmus (a terminal client), but also use firefox to stream youtube etc. I do have other music (GUI) clients and do like audacious but have no idea if it streams radio off the web (I don't do that). – guiverc Dec 15 '19 at 22:09

There is an audio player with a command-line interface called cmus which is very ight weight on resources which also allows streaming of internet radio and is also knows to open .m3u and .pls streams.

Also, cmus looks nice and offers several views, a file browser and many configuration settings. cmus is available from the standard Ubuntu repositories. ou can install using the command below

sudo apt install cmus

If you need help on how to use cmus, use the command

man cmus

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