I am doing all this on Ubuntu 19.10 in thunderbird default application which is installed with OS. I am having problem in configuring thunderbird in VMware environment. I am using VMware 15 workstation. I have problem in using Gmail I discussed them here https://superuser.com/questions/1502126/13-66-gb-out-of-15-gb-used-in-gmail-delete-emails-that-consumed-space now I want to try the suggestion given to me. So I started configuring thunderbird in ubuntu19.10 in VMware Every thing was automatic I did not enter any values except my username and password. But I got error as shown in screenshot. thunderbird problem In my Gmail settings I checked POP3 and IMAP are allowed. So how do I configure thunderbird in this environment to work.

  • all I can say is "ditto", this seems to be some finicky configuration I'm guessing. – Thufir Feb 27 at 12:57
  • I lost all my emails some panicky thing happened and all that I did to save my emails are lost from gmail. The only thing I am left with a Ubuntu 19.10 Virtual machine running in Vmware which has thunderbird installed some messages are downloaded however it is difficult to read them. – political science Mar 3 at 9:46

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