How can I upgrade my current python3 version from 3.6.9 to 3.8? I don't want to setup python 3.8 as a separate version. Because I don't want to type python3.8 command rather than python3 every time.

  • You don't, not without exploding your system. However, look at pyenv for a solution to set up Python 3.8 in userspace and to designate what version to use locally in your shell for the python3 call when using the Terminal and such, rather than using the system Python. This will also protect you from breaking your system's Python shell. github.com/pyenv/pyenv
    – Thomas Ward
    Jan 7, 2020 at 21:14

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Don't do that, 3.6 is default Python 3 in Bionic.

If you just want less typing then define shell alias.

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