I wanted to use the set-title function from https://askubuntu.com/a/774543/435408 to make the terminal title into a sort of status bar. That way I can see in the GUI whether my server is Running or Complete.

set-title Running && doStuff.sh && set-title Complete

With this code, you never see the title change to "Running", only "Complete". I believe this is because the title only changes when the system reads PS1 to make a new prompt, after all three commands run.

I got "Running" to show right away by putting the other commands in the background:

doStuff.sh && set-title Complete & set-title Running; fg

But then the terminal title was never set to "Complete" because that call was in the background. "fg" didn't help.

I had similar problems with

set-title Running; echo "doStuff.sh; set-title Complete" | at now + 0 minutes

Finally, I tried opening a new terminal tab titled "Running", as per https://askubuntu.com/a/860484/435408, but I was not able to pass any commands to the bash session to set its title to "Complete". The tab closes right away if I try using --rcfile or -c.

gnome-terminal --tab -e "bash -c 'printf \"\033]0;Running\007\"; sleep 4; exec bash'"

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I got the behavior I wanted like this:

  1. Use gnome-terminal to create a window with the "Running" title
  2. Keep the window open after execution by calling exec bash
  3. Put the call to "set-title Complete" in a file called ~/.statusrc which I passed to the new bash.
gnome-terminal --maximize --title="Running" -- /usr/bin/bash -c \
". /home/user/.bashrc; doStuff.sh; exec bash --rcfile /home/user/.statusrc"

The ~/.statusrc file looked like this:


. ~/.bashrc
termtitle "Complete"

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