I like Screen Magnifier feature in Ubuntu, however this not available in Lubuntu 18.04


Similar question has been asked here, but both solutions (kmag and xzoom) do not offer full screen just like Screen Magnifier in Ubuntu 18.xx or 19.xx

How to magnify a screen area in Lubuntu 18.04

I'm not sure if it's possible to do that in these apps.

If yes, please let me know.

Else, let me know the alternative.

  • I had a brief look at this when initially posted, hoping to get responses from other users. I never used a magnifier in Lubuntu 18.04, and didn't see an easy add one. I know it exists in 18.10 upwards (where Lubuntu uses LXQt and not LXDE), but I didn't see anything. There is no Ubuntu 18/19; Ubuntu releases are year.month except for specialist releases like Ubuntu Core which uses year only but having no desktop/GUI has no need for screen magnifiers. – guiverc Dec 10 at 23:55

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