Synthwave 84 theme is a popular theme for vscode . But, i can't activate the glow effect of the theme . It is showing i need to run vs code as admin privilage , and i am not capable of doing that . need help !


You need to use these commands:

$ sudo chown -R $(whoami)

means the path to VSCode installation, most likely you have it in here /usr/share/code.

then run the extention custom css and js, restart VSCode. Enjoy :)


You need to change the owner of code installation files folder into the current user

most likely you can find that folder in /usr/share, to ensure try the command:

which code

this will output a path to the installation dir of code

then apply this command :

sudo chown -R <current_user> <installation_path>

which is in my case: sudo chown -R sayan /usr/share/code

After that you can apply the Neon Dreams set up in code and then run this command again to set the owner back to the root:

sudo chown -R root <installation_path>

which is in my case: sudo chown -R root /usr/share/code


You will need to run vscode with Admin privilege for enabling glow on SynthWave 84.

Follow these steps :

  1. sudo chown -R <user> <path_to_your_vscode_installation_directory>
  2. Hit follwing in terminal :
    To check the current user on your machine - whoami
    for e.g. john
  3. You can find path of vscode directory using following command :
    whereis code
    e.g. in my case path is : /usr/share/code
  4. Now run :
    sudo chown -R john /usr/share/code
    This will run vscode with admin privilege
  5. Now try activating the glow :
    Hit ctrl + shift + P or cmd + shift + P
    Type Neon, click the first result to activate. 6.After reset owner back to root
    sudo chown -R root /usr/share/code

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