I have Kubuntu 19.10 with a Canon printer connected via USB (lets call it a server with IP I installed the driver + shared this printer. Printing from the server (ie local printing) works ok. Additionally I connected few Windows PCs to the shared printer using downloaded driver for Windows from Canon site and using the path it also works ok.

Then I needed to connect one more PC with Kubuntu 19.10 in the same network to the shared printer and here I got a problem (the printer driver and ISO of Kubuntu are the same in case of the server and this remote PC):

  1. I connected this remote PC to the shared printer using the same path as on Windows:;
  2. Task/document is sent successfully to the server (I see task on the server in the printing queue);
  3. Printing stuck with the Sending data to printer status;
  4. So, as a result the Server is able to receive task from the remote Kubuntu PC but does not want to print it.

How can it be fixed?

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