I'm running a Homestead box on a Windows 10 host using VirtualBox. Everything was working fine when accessing this VM using Git Bash. Then, I wanted to try accessing it using VirtualBox. When the VM was powered up in VirtualBox (instead of using Git Bash and the vagrant commands), a screen like this came up: enter image description here (Note that this is not my actual screen as I didn't capture a screen shot of it at that point. This screenshot was found online.)
I didn't know what to enter for a password so I shut the VM down within VirtualBox. After that point is when the problem started. It won't open to the screen shown above in VirtualBox. Instead it gives a "You are in emergency mode" message after outputting some lines in the terminal. After reading some posts online I issued the sudo blkid and the ca ../etc/fstab commands. See below. However, I couldn't make sense of the other posts and how they apply to this problem. Is this issue repairable? If so, how?

enter image description here

  • Did you ever resolve this? – Ethan C Feb 6 at 18:32
  • @EthanC No, I haven't been able to resolve it. I did some more reading on forums mostly, to try and get it running again. The 4/7/2019 post by "kansasnobb" in this link ubuntuforums.org/… was particularly useful. I was able to issue the first 3 commands recommended in that post but the VM hung after the third one so it was necessary to shut it down. When it powered back up a different error appeared than it had been giving. Now it is stuck in BusyBox. Even with the exit command is given, it will not exit. – knot22 Feb 7 at 22:36

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