I would like to add a bookmark in nautilus to a sftp server whose ip address changes over time.

I am connecting through sftp to a (google cloud instance) server, inserting in the file explorer the address:


where xx.xxx.xx.xx is an IP address. I would like to add this as a bookmark in Nautilus, which I can easily do with ctrl +d. However, the ip address keeps changing from day to day. I can retrieve the IP address with a command like:

gcloud compute instances describe instancename --format="get(networkInterfaces[0].accessConfigs[0].natIP)"

Is there any way I can have a dynamic Nautilus bookmark, that would use the command above to create the correct address? Or can I run a command myself to update a static nautilus bookmark?



You can add a fake domain pointing to the ip.

Edit /etc/hosts and add

xx.xxx.xx.xx    my_foo_domain

To access then you just insert sftp://your_user@my_foo_domain

This way you don't have to create a shortcut everytime, but you have to edit /etc/hosts everytime. You can create a command to refresh the ip, like (backup your /etc/hosts):

sed -i -E 's/^[.0-9]*[[:blank:]](my_foo_domain)/<your new ip> \1/' /etc/hosts

You can create a function placed in your .bahsrc:

_renew_ip() {
  ip=$(gcloud compute instances describe instancename --format="get(networkInterfaces[0].accessConfigs[0].natIP)")
  sed -i -E "s/^[.0-9]*[[:blank:]]*(my_foo_domain)/$ip \1/" /etc/hosts

alias renew_ip='bash -c "$(declare -f _renew_ip); _renew_ip"' 
alias sudo='sudo '

And then you can just call the function:

sudo renew_ip
  • Nice!! How can I plug-in the IP address given by gcloud compute ... into the <your new ip> in the sed call? And also, for the sake of completeness, maybe could mention in post: 1) one would use my_foo_domain in the sftp call, right? 2) editing /etc/hosts requires sudo ? Thanks a lot!! – Matifou Nov 26 '19 at 20:12
  • Editing /etc/hosts requires sudo, yes – guillermo chamorro Nov 26 '19 at 20:30
  • Does the command you mention give a clean ip, no other text? – guillermo chamorro Nov 26 '19 at 20:34
  • Wait, I have to solve the permissions issue for the function to work properly. – guillermo chamorro Nov 26 '19 at 20:55
  • oh wow, niiice! I had to edit the quotation marks as there are outer and inner ones? But when I run the code, it does not execute the ip line, just pates it? I mean I get the line gcloud compute instances... copied in/etc/hosts. I believe the command I use returns just the clean IP, at least it pritns it in the terminal, see description: cloud.google.com/sdk/gcloud/reference/compute/instances/… Thank you so much!! – Matifou Nov 26 '19 at 22:20

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