My brother printer won’t print over network so I’ve tried to reinstall the driver on my laptop. It asks me to specify my device’s URI, and I think this is what is stopping it from working - I can’t work out what to put in here!

Help would be appreciated. Running Ubuntu 18.04, printer is a brother printer.


If you are using the Brother printer installation package (with a name something like linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1) you are asked to "Provide a URI?", the answer to that is yes.

You will then get a list of options (on my system around 14 or so):

  • If the printer is switched on (if it isn't switch it on and start again!) one of the options will be (something like)

    12: socket://

    and you'll be asked to select the number of destination device. Enter the option number (in this case 12) and the installation will continue.

  • If that option is not available another option will be (something like)

    13 (I): Specify IP address

    Type in the option number (here 13) and then the IP address of the printer (which you'll probably be able to get from the printer) and the installation will continue.

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