Having a wireless 3050 microsoft mouse and keyboard I am trying to get it working but it seems that when I plug the USB, Ubuntu doesn't detect it at all. Is that even possible to get that product work with 19.10? I never tried a microsoft product before on Ubuntu so I don't know even if that's possible.

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You will probably want to look in /var/log/kern.log for any error messages. Even better, I have found that tailing all logs will help resolve many issues:

sudo tail -fn0 /var/log/{*,*/*}

If you find that there are no error messages when you plug in the mini-tranceiver, it might not be an issue with the keyboard at all. Some possible causes for this issue could be:

  • BIOS settings - check that USB hasn't been disabled.
  • faulty tranceiver
  • faulty usb port

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