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How do I enable auto-login in LightDM?

I always annoyed when my new computer is turned on and log in, the problem is when i want to browse are always asked to enter a password, is there any way that I do not need to enter a password every new computer was first turned on? I use ubuntu 12.04


You need to Autologin.

1) Open the Dash and search for "user accounts"

2) Select your username, click the "Unlock" button and enter your user password, then turn on the "Automatic Login" option


You will still need to type your password when you are installing programs etc.


Can you please clarify your question, I don't know what is asking for a password or when it is asking for a password.

"When I want to browse are always asked to enter password" is it the browser that is asking for the password, or is it Ubuntu?

Did you set a master password in Firefox, because if you did that could be the password you are being asked for. Disabling the master password resolves that 'issue'.

  • sorry I mean "keyring" where every time I log in on ubuntu and running application like empathy, chromium, so he always asked for a password. and I do not like it because it is too bad – Fanoy Apr 5 '12 at 18:54

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