I recently (like 3 days ago) had to turn toward ubuntu/lubuntu to "save" my laptop (hp pavilion dv6 2140ef) so im pretty new to this.

There is a thing I regret a lot from windows is my quality sound. I used to have the srs premium sound with my sound driver.

I was wondering if by any chance I could retrieve the same (with srs or not) or similar quality without being too much of a hassle.

I've looked around for answers but to be honest I don't understand everything. I also tried to play with audacious equalizer but the sound is still very bland.

Thank you for any answers!

  • You haven't said what release of Lubuntu you are referring to (legacy using LXDE or modern using LXQt). Ubuntu like all GNU/Linux plays sound directly without adjustment for your speakers (ie. pure sound) thus flaws are easily detectable in contrast to most OEM/windows drivers which 'adjust' the sound to be imperfect but hide the limitations of cheap speakers far better. I liked audacious too and used to use some plugins to improve sound; but clementine is more efficient in modern Lubuntu so I now use that (you didn't give your Lubuntu release so that may not apply) – guiverc Nov 22 at 22:13
  • Please add the output -as text- of sudo lshw -C multimedia - Knowing the device model name may help to detect if a better sound driver could be selected - From now what i can tell you is that the Ubuntu sound design is quite ugly : Alsa is used for his driver and Pulseaudio (low sound quality) is the mixer. Removing pulseaudio and setting up Alsa for bit-perfect could give good results. But first, lets check the driver. – cmak.fr Nov 23 at 4:54

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