enter image description hereI want to try PCI passthrough I'm totally new at this, so i began by following a YouTube tutorial. When it came to the part where i can see what device that I'm going to passthrough " lscpi -nn | grep -iP 'VGA|3D|Audio " part, i realize that my geforce 920mx is detected as 3D controller instead of as a VGA controller, but I'm pretty sure that i set 920mx as the prime profile. Is a 3D controller acceptable for PCI passthrough?

  • It is OK to be either a VGA or 3D controller. – Pilot6 Nov 22 '19 at 17:47
  • can i still pass the nvdia to qemu ?, totally new at this – Ikan Gondrong Nov 22 '19 at 17:59

Nvidia is detected as a 3D controller in case it is a discrete adapter in addition to an integrated one. That's not a problem.

It means that the output is done through the integrated controller and Nvidia is used only for acceleration.

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  • so i just can put the integrated controller or both of them on passtrough ? – Ikan Gondrong Nov 22 '19 at 17:58
  • I never used PCI passthrough, but I would start with the integrated one. Dual graphics may complicate things a lot. – Pilot6 Nov 22 '19 at 18:00
  • I would ask a specific question like "How to passtrough dual graphics" instead of asking why it is 3D. – Pilot6 Nov 22 '19 at 18:01
  • can i make the nvidia to be the main output rather than just for acceleration ? – Ikan Gondrong Nov 22 '19 at 18:23
  • No, you can't. The system on laptops is designed this way. – Pilot6 Nov 22 '19 at 18:24

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