For my radio show/podcast I'm recording my microphone and play music from a music player software. So far I've used audacity and it records both inputs into one track. This is hard for post-production when I want to edit my microphone input separately from the music. So, what would be ideal is to record the mic and the audio on two separate tracks. I already have two virtual sinks via PulseAudio for that and wonder if I can simply route them into ardour.

I have the feeling that ardour can only deal with hardware devices, so another option would be to output the virtual sink on a hardware device and plugin that back into a hardware input. However, this would lead to quality loss which would be unfortunate.

Edit: Found a solution with ffmpeg (see answer).

  • Why just don't you open a 2nd track on Audacity, which would be composed just with music? Also, this question would be more suitable for Sound Design or Amateur Radio, since it's more about music than Ubuntu – damadam Dec 5 '19 at 9:35

Today I accidentely stumbled across this Youtube video. It doesn't show how to do it in Ardour. However, it shows how you can record several sources at the same time from pulseaudio (including my created virtual sinks).

Quick summary:

  1. Find your input sources with pacmd list-source-outputs | grep source: output
  2. Use ffmpeg

This doesn't guarantee sync though! ffmpeg -f pulse -i [Your input source 1] -map '0' 0.mp3 -f pulse -i [Your input source 2] -map '1' 1.mp3

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