So with Ubuntu 19.10 ifupdown got removed from the default packages.

This i found out in horror, after i was connected to my 2 networks at once, after a reboot (after upgrading to 19.10). For clarification, i have one network which is only internal and one which is external. I do not want any machine to be connected to both at once. So i pass my network card (attached to the external network) to my VM and my Host system is attached to the internal network. This was configured via ifupdown in /etc/interfaces:

auto enp2s
iface enp2s inet manual

So the Ubuntu network GUI neither show the ethernet connection, nor connected to it.

How can i archive this functionality with netplan?

  • I may be wrong, but is this what you're looking for? ip link set enp3s0 up ip link set enp3s0 down Source: netplan.io/faq#bring-interfaces-up-or-down – ddybing Nov 21 at 12:13
  • What are the contents of /etc/netplan on this system? Is this a new install of Ubuntu 19.10 or an upgrade? – slangasek Nov 22 at 0:08
  • ip link set enp3s0 down kind of works, it prohibits the connection to the network on the host, which is good. But than i can't pass it to the VM. @slangasek it was an upgrade, no new installation. There is a 01-network-manager-all.yaml in /etc/netplan. Which contains: network: version: 2 renderer: NetworkManager – Tobias J. Nov 22 at 9:15

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